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We all know that creating and maintaining an accurate inventory of one's personal possessions is a wise thing to do. So whether it is for the person you know who already has everything, or for someone who is just starting out, Allmythings makes a very sensible and valuable gift to buy. It is great as a house warming gift!

We have set up a process that makes giving Allmythings to someone easy. We will provide you with a gift certificate that can be emailed either to you, so that you can give it to your recipient, or we can email it directly to your recipient. The gift certificate will provide a temporary logon id and password along with a set of instructions on how to get started.

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Even if you are not able to buy it for a friend, you can still tell them about Allmythings by sending them an email. We will provide text for your message that you can edit and personalize as you wish.

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