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As a web-based system, Allmythings provides the highest levels of security, confidentiality and integrity.

  • A secure environment means all transmissions are confidential.
  • Confidentiality means information is protected from anyone who is not authorized.
  • Integrity means that messages are encrypted so they are not altered during transmission.

To ensure protection and security of confidential information, Allmythings integrates the following safeguards:
  • Encryption - using 128-bit encryption, any transmitted information is converted to a scrambled code, then decrypted back to plain text. Our encryption standard is the same level used by banks and financial institutions.
  • Firewalls - Allmythings is protected by firewalls. Any information transmitted via the Internet proceeds through a series of safety check points within the firewalls.

When you use our system, your data is secure and financial transactions are preauthorized. For more information on secure environments and using passwords safely, please see our FAQ (frequently asked questions) section. Also included is some additional background on browsers and internet security.

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